MOT Testing



MOT Testing at Andersons Garage, Saltash

Once a vehicle reaches its 3rd birthday, it is subject to an annual Ministry of Transport test. This is to ensure all vehicles on the road are safe to use, and minimise their environmental impact.

We are an authorised MOT centre with the latest equipment.

If your old MOT has up to a month left before it expires you can still have your car MOT tested and have it forward dated, this way it gives you plenty of time to get any repairs carried out before your old MOT expires. However we must have your old MOT certificate or registration document if it is the cars first MOT, before we can commence the test.

The MOT is very strictly controlled, structured and administered by the vehicle Inspectorate. This means random audits and mystery tests. As an authorised MOT centre we comply with the requirements of the test to the letter. This can at times appear to be a bureaucratic and inflexible process, however the purpose of this is to maintain a constant and fair level of testing.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the registration system in the UK, there are peaks in demand for MOT’s in January, March, July, August and September. You are advised to book well in advance if your vehicle is due it’s MOT during these periods, and you want a specific appointment time.

We offer:
  • Local convenience
  • Friendly and professional help and assistance, from a family owned business
  • Class IV MOT tests on all makes and models*
  • MOT Test by appointment, if that’s more convenient
  • All major credit cards accepted

The MOT Test Check List

Components tested during your MOT test are usually:

Vehicle Identification Number
The MOT test checks the Vehicle Identification Number commonly referred to as the VIN is legibly displayed on the vehicle.

Registration Plate
The MOT tester will check the condition, security, legibility and the format of letters and numbers on your registration plate.

The MOT test checks the condition, operation, security and colour of your vehicles lights. The test will also check to see if the headlamp aim is correct.

Steering and Suspension
The MOT tester will also check the steering and suspension components for correct condition and that the operation is correct.

Wipers and Washer Bottle
During the MOT test will check your vehicles wipers and washers ensuring they operate properly and give the driver a clear view of the road.

The nominated tester will check the windscreen condition and drivers view of the road and that there are no chips or cracks affecting the drivers line of sight.

The MOT test will cover the horns operation for effectiveness and that the type is correct.

All seatbelts including those in the rear of the vehicle are checked for type, condition, correct operation, security and that all compulsory seatbelts are in place.

Your vehicles front seats are checked for security during the MOT test.

Fuel System
The fuel system is checked during the MOT test for leaks and that the fuel cap fastens and seals securely.

The MOT test covers your exhaust emissions, ensuring the vehicle is within the specified guidelines and that the exhaust is complete, secure, without serious leaks and silences effectively.

Vehicle structure and body shell are checked during the MOT test for excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas of the vehicle. Any sharp edge can result in MOT failure.

The MOT tester will check that the doors open and close correctly and close correctly and that the latch is secure in a closed position. Front doors should open from both inside and outside of the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items like rear seatbelts.

The mirrors on your vehicle are checked during the MOT test for condition and security.

Wheels and Tyres
The nominated MOT tester will check the vehicle’s wheels and tyres for a number of key points: the condition, security, tyre size and type and tread depth.

The MOT tests the efficiency of the vehicle’s braking performance, condition and operation. Most vehicles are tested on a rolling road brake tester.